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Wynn's provide a range of automotive products geared for the do-it-yourself motorist and motoring enthusiast.

Hi-Tec Oils

Hi-Tec Oils is an Australian owned company with more than 200 years of total workforce experience in lubricants and is one of Australia’s largest independent oil manufacturer’s.

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Duo Products

Duo Products was established by Duo Trading Pty Ltd in the early 2000’s, as its own name brand.

Advanced Protection

An Australian owned company based in Queensland.

It is a leader in innovative vehicle protection products available exclusively through Automotive Dealers.


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About US

Founded as a Tasmanian owned family business in 1976, Duo Trading Pty Ltd is now a company that employs the largest team of lubrication specialists in Tasmania.

We can provide technical advice and specialized products for all automotive & industrial applications.




Rocol is a world leader in cutting fluid technology



The Molybond brand encompasses a comprehensive range of molybdenum based specialised lubricants.